Lotus Park

Heather Smith Commercial was appointed by Legal & General in July 2021.

We were asked to assist and encourage an already existing occupier community, which was disjointed. The park is within a wider estate, in which the neighbouring buildings were unwilling to join in with the community or strengthen the estate as a whole. Heather Smith Commercial reached out to neighbours to express an interest in ‘joining forces’ for events and estate changes that would benefit everyone.

Since, Lotus Park has held multiple occupier events and at times has linked these events with neighbouring buildings. The community is particularly engaged, always showing interest in the annual events, as well as smaller workshops and food trucks run throughout the week. Neighbours are also more likely to reach out to discuss estate marketing, signage and landscaping, creating a more cohesive approach to the estate.

Heather Smith Commercial also assists with the social media at Lotus Park, running the Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. Events and upcoming on site activities are marketed as well as topical issues and celebratory dates.

Work has also been done with the agency team on site. Heather Smith Commercial has attended marketing meetings discussing the letting strategy of the site and has worked to improve existing marketing materials, such as the website.  The efforts on social media have also resulted in successful lettings on site.  The voids have reduced significantly since our appointment.