Heather Smith Commercial has been appointed by AXA Real Estate at Assembly London based in Hammersmith, to engage with the Business Community and create a strategy for improved community engagement.

This has arisen as a joint project with a branding agency and workplace design agency. We are working together to improve the flow of an existing building to ensure all areas of the space are maximised to their best. Heather Smith Commercial’s role in the team is to ensure the spaces are suitable for event and community use. We have carried out research in the community to identify the demands and challenges and propose solutions. We have identified a number of areas which are being improved through branding and wayfinding, have opened communication channels with the community and are responding to their requests for more opportunies to engage with each other through events and services.

A strong brand and message is being implemented throughout the community and agent marketing campaigns, with content derived from one and shared in the other. Please check back to see how the brand changes are implemented and evolved.