Are we Grieving for 2020?

Heather Smith Commercial has written many blog posts and communications for our Business Community’s during 2020.

Below is an article which we published during the November lockdown and received good feedback.

Are we grieving for 2020?

1. What’s happening now?

As we edge nearer to the end of what has been a turbulent year, we can take comfort in knowing we have more information than ever before. With this, we can understand that many of us will be feeling grief, for many reasons. This week with the help of the Harvard Business Review, we’ll be exploring this idea and giving advice where it’s needed.

2. Calling “it” grief

While it may feel bizarre to call what we are feeling “grief” it really isn’t far off. A lot of us will be feeling grief and loss for the opportunities, normality and connections that have suffered this year. We may also be feeling anticipatory grief, in that we are unsure of what the future holds and feel a loss of safety.

3. How to help

By calling what we are feeling “grief”, we can start to understand and overcome. To balance, our emotions it’s important to come into the present, rather than stress over the future and to not hold onto the things we cannot control. To help those around you, stock up on compassion – you never know how others are feeling.

4. The open-endedness of it

Something most of us will be dwelling on, is when will this be over? As with grief in general, there is control in accepting the circumstances. We are all adapting and accepting that connecting via technology, working from home and even appreciating long walks can help over come this worry.

5. Keep going

Always keep going. It is helpful and powerful being able to name the thing we are feeling. By accepting and letting these emotions go through us, we can pass them. Denying that we have gone through an extremely difficult year, will make it harder to move on.

6. Resources

If you would like to read the full article, head to “That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief” on the Harvard Business Review website. If you, or someone you know needs more help, we recommend the “Every Mind Matters” page hosted by NHS.