The Clarendon Works, Watford

At the start of 2023, Heather Smith Commercial embarked on a dynamic project with The Clarendon Works in Watford. This included a comprehensive strategy for bespoke content featuring video, photo, and design elements tailored to our primary goal of engaging the community and potential tenants through varied multimedia formats.

In tandem with the content creation process, a key focus was highlighting The Clarendon Work’s contributions to the local community, through video interviews with Building Heroes cohort members, and content around St. John’s Primary School.

This proactive approach not only facilitated community involvement but also positioned The Clarendon Works as an integral part of the Watford area.Through a cohesive fusion of video, photography, and design elements, we successfully enhanced the property’s online presence, effectively showcasing its distinctive features and establishing a strong foothold in the competitive commercial real estate market.

Click here to see some of the campaign highlights.