SelvaMar Business Campus Social Media

Heather Smith Commerical was appointed by Tristan Capital Partners and Acciona in March 2022 to launch and run social media channels for SelvaMar Business Campus, attend and capture content at the launch event, contribute to marketing and letting the remaining space, and report on analytics.

Following the success of the building launch in March, we have focused on Instagram and Linkedin, channels that align with brand goals and tone, by creating a content calendar with fresh content including photos, CGIs, reels and videos being uploaded multiple times per week, using relevant hashtags, trending sounds and SEO to maximize reach and engagement, as well as local online community participation, and paid social media campaigns.

We have grown social engagement by 200%, improved brand reach and recognition through engaging content and 24/7 crisis comms, and are now moving to join virtual and real life initiatives with the cultural and educational institutions in the 22@ District, in order to become an active contributor to the area