Starman Hotels



Photography by Angus Leadley Brown

Consultancy – Strategic property management and disposal

Client: Starman Hotels

Provided maternity cover to the Global Property Director for 6 weeks full time and 6 weeks part time. During this period, a sale was completed of a $45 million hotel in Toronto, Canada and a £64 million hotel was brought to the market in London. It was necessary to prepare the marketing strategy, marketing material and manage the appointed agents. Other areas of responsibility included strategic property management for 22 assets located throughout the World.

“Heather was exceptionally good at allocating time to the projects which created value for the company and she prioritised as I would do. She was very good at managing the brokers acting on various projects. Heather really worked hard to ensure that the maternity cover was a success for me and I truly appreciate that. She was tenacious in ensuring that she had all the information she needed and was not afraid to ask questions.”

Felicity Black-Roberts – Global Property Director of Starman Hotels

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